Robotech: Getting the Goods

Down the Drain Pt. 1

Is there a drain trap?

Having put two and two together, it was clear now that something was under the missing lake. Rumors abounded throughout the UEEF about strange things the Exploration Corps would find on abandoned or seized Invid worlds, rumors that both Knox and Sampson had heard. Due to the pressing need for medics, Knox and Nina stayed behind while everyone else heads west in the Beta. Running on the backup fusion generator to avoid any Invid they land without incident and climb into the fissure.

Down below the old lakebed there is little light. With the Sun already getting low in the sky the daylight from above is weak and indirect, doing little more than casting everything in shadow. Flashlights illuminate the ground around the party, but little else can be seen. Picking a direction they head off in search for anything. The first thing they find is the lake, now settled inside the cavern. Following the new lakefront little comes to anyones attention, it looks more and more like the cave has nothing in it.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a dust trail appears next to the party, a line of airborne dirt kicked up into the air and slowly settling back to the ground. Reacting in shock, no one says anything before another trail appears on their other side. Rifles are made ready and flashlights swing around but there’s no sign of what is causing them. Then, for a split second Sampson catches something in his light: a trio of eyes. Just after announcing the sighting something glances into Athanas, nearly bowling him over. Athena starts shooting in random directions, and when something splashes in the lake Sampson tosses some grenades into the water.

At this point Athena starts calling for a retreat back up the ropes, an idea that is quickly seized by everyone else. They start their way back, but then Jack sees a paw print appear in the soft ground next to him and decides to take a closer look. Bending down to see, he gets about halfway there when something tackles him from behind. Pinned to the ground, something snarls and drools on the back of his neck. At the same time, everyone else gets rushed and pinned to the ground as well, each with glistening fangs inching closer to their jugulars….



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