Robotech: Getting the Goods

Down the Drain Pt. 3

Just what was the Regis flushing?

Time seems to stop as Meshan and Sampson fall towards the Pit. Sampson manages to regain his footing after the death shove, but Meshan isn’t so lucky. Having been shoved hard she stumbles towards the pit then ends up tripping over the raised rim, plunging straight into the goo and is quickly enveloped. The chamber grows quiet as the last of the mutant cats have escaped and the short fight has ended.

A small quake starts to rattle the area again, but this time it seems to have a bigger impact. Parts of the Hive dome crumble away and dirt falls from above. Spectacularly, the Pit begins to boil. Roiling in seconds, the surface disturbance gathers in a single location and something erupts out of the pit and ascends into the air. Shielding themselves from the splatter, the others look up and see a remarkable sight: floating in the air above them and the Pit is Meshan, now sporting a pair of wings (and completely naked). Floating back down to the ground, everyone marvels at her transformation and even she can’t seem to believe it.

The quaking continues further deteriorating the Hive so everyone high-tails it out of there and back into the main cavern where the quake does little more than drop dust from the ceiling. Nimbly making their way through the darkness back to the ropes, Meshan shows off her new wings by flying up to the surface while everyone else climbs. Back on top they radio back to Bishop and arrange a meeting with Knox back at camp.

Washing off at the lake while waiting, Knox soon arrives and shares a discovery Emily had made while the group was gone: the anti-virals aren’t 100% effective due to the presence of Protoculture in samples of the flu virus. That fact plus the existence of the Pit confirms the big fear: the flu had been mutated. Just about then Meshan comes into view (having been cleaning off in the lake at the time and hiding) and Knox’s reaction wasn’t the best, almost pulling her sidearm in shock, but the others manage to keep her calm.

The night grows pretty still as the Robotech Defenders discuss everything that had happened over the past few hours, but the night still has a few more surprises in store…



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