Robotech: Getting the Goods


A toll is a toll and a roll is a roll

Early in the morning, the girls take the opportunity to take an early-morning swim in the lake. With the boys still asleep they get to relax with some girl talk and make a few jokes at the boys’ expense. All good things must come to an end though, and once the Sun rises it’s time to get back to work. Sampson and Athanas stay behind so that they can work on his bioroid (fixing up the simpler battle damage and adding a way for the hoversled to wield missiles) while the others head north to scout out the town ahead. Jack flies ahead in his Valkyrie while Knox and Nina ride in the Silverback and Athena rides her Cyclone.

It was a pretty short flight for Jack, the town of Bishop only a dozen miles or so away. It was a serene flight, the town coming into view after just a few minutes. Before he could enjoy the view though, flak erupted all around him. Reacting quickly the turned and dove, but every attempt to stay near the town resulted in more flak in his face. Turning back south he radioed to Knox to warn them the town is hostile, but he was too late. A few miles back the girls hit a roadblock.

Sitting in the middle of the road was a man in a frankenmech Cyclone flanked by a pair of jeeps decked out with heavy weapons. Without introduction or preamble the Cyclone wearer announces that the road is closed and that they’ll need to find another way. Curious as to why they can’t pass someone asks why. The response is only one word: quarantine. This immediately catches Nina’s attention who brings up her medical training and offers to help. Knox is with her there since Bishop is the fastest route but Athena wants to go ahead and go around. This leads to quite a bit of back and forth between all three opinions, but in end the militia’s patience starts to wear thin first.

Speeding towards the roadblock Jack catches a glint of light on a hill a little ways from everyone and swoops down for a look. From above he can clearly see the hovertank in battleoid mode laying down with a very large rifle aimed towards the roadblock. Before he can shout a warning the militia leader raises his hand….



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