Robotech: Getting the Goods


Driving through the pass, the Robotech defenders marvel as the red rocks of the canyon walls part to reveal a wasteland. Brown hardpack dirt stretches out to the horizon, spotty sagebrush dotting the ground. Following the road, the party heads north while the mountains turn towards the east for a ways, then turning north again.

Up in the air, Lt. Sampson, Jack, Athanas, and Meshan get a perfect view for miles around while Athena, Lt. Knox, Kieran, and Nina ride down below. It was fortuitous that they had split up like that, it gave them plenty of advance warning when the Invid patrol came over the horizon. The party reacted quickly, but there was a problem: several voices were calling out orders. Kieran shouted for everyone to shut down where they were, expecting that the Invid (who have already turned towards them) would just pass them by. At the same time, Knox wanted to stand and fight, their replenished strength and increased firepower an easy match for the enemy patrol. Split between the two calls, the group split in indecisiveness for several moments, losing any advantage their long range missiles gave them.

Out of options, the Cyclone riders and Silverback switched to battleoid mode while the fliers intercepted the 12 Invid. It quickly devolved into a massive dogfight, Veritechs and Overlord twisting through the air with the Shocktroopers and Fighter Scouts. With them occupied, the Scouts and Troopers slipped through to take on Knox, the Cyclones, and the Bioroid. The fight was furious, plasma discs and protoculture energy blasts burning through the air and the sound of crashing metal issued from both the ground and the air.

Disaster struck early on: Kieran scored a major hit on a Shocktrooper from below, crippling it’s engine. Instead of shutting down however, it jammed on full and careened through the air, out of control. Screaming through the air at 300 miles an hour, there was no time to react: the Shocktrooper smashed into Kieran’s Condor at full speed utterly destroying both mechs in a massive plume. Losing a high-powered machine made the fight more difficult for the others and they had no time to grieve. Pressing the attack, the three Troopers swarmed over Knox and her Silverback, and her lack of combat training with it was causing problems, while the scouts swarmed Athanas. A strafing attack gave her a small opening and she abandoned the mech for her new Cyclone.

Working in tandem, Knox, Athanas, and Athena did everything they could to keep the Invid on the ground from going for Nina, and their partners in the air slowly gained the upper hand, fighting hard for every downed Invid. Knox took several hits, but she soldiered on nonetheless, as did Jack, Sampson, and Meshan.

The fight was long and hard, but in the end the last member of the Invid patrol died and the valley grew silent once again.



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