Robotech: Getting the Goods

The New Path

Where to go from here?

Night fell quickly around the wreck of the resistance group’s wrecked shuttle, leaving them with precious little time to prepare for it. Some dug through the smashed crew compartment looking for any surviving supplies, those with mecha still in the bay dug those out, others set up a shelter under the remaining wing. Working quickly, the group managed to find a few days worth of food and a small handful of weapons before huddling under the tarp-covered wing. Bunching up together for warmth and using both the tarp and strategically-placed mecha as wind-shields, the Robotech defenders made it through their first night in the desert.

As the Sun rose, the party pulled themselves out of their makeshift shelter and started to wonder what to do next. While breakfast was still getting cooked, a double-boom sounded all over the valley, encouraging everyone to get ready for another attack. The sensors told a different story though: a single craft coming down from space. Quickly realizing that it’s the mechanics that Moon Base ALuCE would’ve sent after she reported in the day before, Knox jumped on the radio to warn the shuttle off. It took a few attempts to figure out the unfamiliar radio system in the ASC hovertank, but she managed to get through to the shuttle. Following the signal, the Horizon-T soon landed next to the resistance group.

Quickly deploying its troops, Captain Blair and Lt. Sampson, two of the senior members in the expedition, approach the resistance group. Introductions over quickly, Knox reports everything that had happened up to that point, and thankfully the new arrivals don’t try to kill Meshan on sight. When the group expresses their hopes to return to Pocatello, Lt. Samson turns to his Captain and pitches an idea: he joins with the group and uses them to scout out several more abandoned bases between Edwards and Pocatello in exchange for supplies and replacement mecha.

Thinking it over, Blair agrees and has the coffers opened up to the resistance. Everyone gets a week’s worth of food and water, anyone who needed armor can take a set of CVR-03, EP-37s and Gallants plus spare e-clips for anyone who wanted them, and even VR-041 Cyclones are made available. Sampson even manages to convince the other mechanics to trade a VM-9L Silverback for the hovertanks.

Fully equipped with new machines and supplies, the resistance group looks to the northeast, ready to return home, and with the addition of Lt. Sampson and his maps the road is not so mysterious anymore.



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