Robotech: Getting the Goods

The Reaping

Will it be a good harvest?

Knox, Draven, and Athena head off to Kumar’s house to hear about what he saw on his recon mission. Turns out the Invid don’t have that many guards so a raid on the Protoculture Farm is indeed possible. The 4 return to Kidd’s ship where the rest are keeping an eye on Meshan. They spend the next while planning out the raid.

In the end it’s decided that Meshan will be testing the depth of her defection. She will be carrying Emilia into the Farm’s Hive under the guise of bringing in a new slave. While dropping her off, the Invid Princess will plant a Cobalt Limpet Mine on the Hive’s Brain, destroying it. At the same time, Kumar will play decoy by strafing the perimeter guards leading them away. In the chaos, Meshan will assume control of the Farm (as is her right as Princess), bringing down the energy fence and keeping the remaining guards either in stasis or away from the group as they help the slaves escape.

After meeting at a rendezvous spot a mile or so to the south of the farm, Meshan and Emilia perform their part of the plan spectacularly. The moment before the Brain dies Kumar takes out a patrolling trooper which encourages all of the guards to fly after him (especially after Meshan’s orders them to do so.) With the gate down and the remaining 12 guards far to the north side of the Farm the group rushes in and starts herding the slaves towards the south and to safety.

Unfortunately, the demands of keeping the Invid under control with contradictory orders at the same time as trying to direct humans that are clearly afraid of her are starting to be too much, and the 6 soldiers and 6 troopers are quickly returning to the south, intent on destroying the threats present in their fields.



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