Resistance Commander


Name: Niketas
Rank: Commander
Race: Tirolian
Sex: Female
Age: 44
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 135 lbs

IQ: 12
ME: 10
MA: 23
PS: 14
PP: 13
PE: 14
PB: 20
Spd: 25
Alignment: Scrupulous

HP: 31
SDC: 66
Armor MDC: 90
Level: 8 Exp: 50,000

OCC: Freedom Fighter
Climbing 75/65
Computer Operation 98
Electronics: Basic 70
Forced March
Language: English 91
Literacy: Tirolian 98
Language: Tirolian 98
Mathematics: Basic 98
Military Sign Language 85
Pilot Ground Veritechs 95
Pilot Veritechs 93
MECT: VF/A-6Z Alpha
Prowl 65
Radio: Basic 85
Weapon Systems 80
WP Energy Pistol
WP Energy Rifle
WP Heavy MD Weapons
Trust/Intimidate 75
Charm/Impress 50
WP Paired Weapons

OCC Related
Land Navigation 66
Sensory Equipment 65
Navigation 75
Camouflage 45
Recognize Weapon Quality 35

MOS: Cell Leader
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Cryptography 70
Intelligence 75
Interrogation 80
Lore: Invid 60
Military Tactics 80
Military Etiquette 75
Streetwise 58
Undercover Ops 75

Dance 65
Optic Systems 55
WP Knife

Mods Atk Init Melee Ranged Missile Parry Dodge Pull Punch Roll
Atr 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
HtoH 5 1 0 0 0 3 3 3 3
Sub 5 1 0 0 0 3 3 3 3
Mecha 3 4 4 2 2 4 4g 6f 5 4
Total 8 6 4 2 2 10 10g 12f 11 10

Body Flip/Throw
Karate hand strike/punch 2d4
Karate kick 2d6
Any foot strike
2 Entangle
Crit 18

+4 Disarm
Back Flip/Back Flip Escape

Head 75
Sensor Pod 45
Hands 45/45
Forearms 120/120
Upper Arms 90/90
Shoulders 100/100
Upper Legs 120/120
Lower Legs 180/180
Wings 150/150
Tail Stabilizers 100/100
Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment 150
EU-13 Gun Pod 100

EU-13 80mm Pulse Beam Cannon
4d4 single, 1d4x10 5-round burst
+3 strike
100 shots/20 bursts
Nose Lasers
2d4 single, 4d4 dual
+2 strike
MM-60 Missile Delivery System
2d6x10 per missile
60 missiles

Hand to Hand Attacks Pilot Mecha
Punch/Forearm 1d4 2d6
Kick 1d8 3d8
Stomp - 2d8
Power/Jump/Leap Kick 3d8 5d8 (2 atk)
Flying Leap Kick - 1d6x10 (3 atk) 1-66% <=size /><300mph>< 60%= 30%> 1d6x100 yards

Helmet 50
Arms 30/30
Legs 40/40

VR-052T Infantry Assault Cyclone
EP-40 Ion Pulse Pistol


A Tirol native during the final years of the Robotech Masters’s Empire, Niketas was left behind with the rest of the “undesirables” when the Masters left for Earth. Eking out a meager living, she was caught in the local resistance when the Regent invaded. Outclassed in every way she continued to fight despite the odds and saw the Invid driven off by the UEEF. Joining up with the Fleet almost immediately, Niketas proved herself a capable soldier and earned a posting with the 1st Reclamation Force in 2038. While the mission was a disaster, she managed to survive the crash of her ship somewhere in the region known as the Dakotas.

Finding her way into the Resistance on Earth, Niketas stumbled across an amazing find on a scouting mission: an abandoned but intact doomsday shelter built in the Black Hills. Full of supplies, mecha, and even manufacturing facilities, she was voted leader of the cell and they moved in shortly thereafter. Using the old shelter as a base her cell has successfully perpetrated numerous hit and run attacks on Invid patrols and Protoculture Farms over the years.

Their greatest challenge has been the construction of a hive in their back yard. Nestled in a valley to the north, this Hive acts as a control point for the entire region. A test raid on the farm proved to be successful thanks to a well-planned distraction, and the recent acquisition of some reflex warheads has given Niketas a unique opportunity…


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