[Destroyed] Supply Cache at Kid's workshop near Pocatello


This Supply chache, as well as the workshop, the Ship it wasl ocated in, the surrounding towns, and the nearby Hydroelectric dam, were all Destroyed by the Invid a few days after the group left California, about the same time they were dealing with the authorities and enemies at Hawthorne Army Base.

This entry will remain purely for records purposes.. all these supplies have been destroyed, or are lost in the wreckage to the point we could not recover any of it in the time we had.

currently stored in Kid’s workshop in the crashed Zentraedi Flagship outside Pocatello.
1 Zentreadi Shuttlecraft, modified with a human scale cockpit inside the original zentraedi cockpit.
Unknown number of unsalvaged Zeentraedi mecha

2 VR-038A Speedster Cyclone
1 VR-041M Field Medic Cyclone
1 VR-52T Infantry Assault Cyclone

6 Gallant rifles
4 suits of CVR-3 armor
24 Protoculture magazines for the Gallants
A full mecha workshop suitable for repairs and modifications.

144 Emergency supply packs
6 crates of Protoculture Energy Cells for mecha (30 cans in each crate, 180 cans total)


[Destroyed] Supply Cache at Kid's workshop near Pocatello

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