[Destroyed] Athanas's Bioroid

the last tie to his past


Mk.II Bioroid Officer (green)
Athanas pilots a Tbr-I T’siendral Mk.II Bioroid, although he was not assigned to ship security during his time serving the Robotech Masters. By the time Athanas completed his training, the Robotech Masters had been short of standard and upgraded Bioroids, and had begun to assign mecha based on availability, not battlefield role.

  • Speed: 80mph running
  • Leaping: 35ft/10.6m. running start
  • Height: 21.4ft
  • Length: 6.7ft
  • Width: 9.1ft
  • Weight: 13.8 tons
  • Power: converted to 10 cell protoculture power plant. 1 month duration max.

currently down 5% MDC on the mainbody, due to unrepairable combat damage. previous combat damage was repaired at Hawthorne Army Base, payment for services rendered. the combat computer has been updated to link with UEEF and UEDF datanet systems in addition to Tirolian datanets. Further upgrades are planned once a secure location sufficient for the task is found.


  • Twin Plasma Cannons (head)
  • Range: 850ft/259m
  • Rate of Fire: one dual blast or dual pulse per attack.
  • Payload: effectively unlimited, draws from the Bioroids own power system.

TPBGp-MK.I Pulse Beam Drum Gun Pod

  • Range: 1200ft/366m
  • Rate of Fire: one blast or burst per attack.
  • Payload: 300 single or 60 bursts

Robotic PS of 36

  • Restrained Punch/Forearm 1D4md
  • Full Strength Punch 2D6md
  • Rip/Tear 1D8md
  • Power Punch (2 attack) 4D6md
  • Kick Attack 3D8md
  • Leap Kick (2 attacks) 5D8md
  • Stomp (target under 7ft) 3D6md
  • Body Block/ram (2 attacks) 2D6md per 20mph/35kph of running speed, 60% chance of knocking down targets up to 60% bigger. target looses init.

MECT: Bioroid

  • Attacks per Melee: 5
  • +2 Dodge
  • +4 When flying the Hover Sled.
  • +2 Parry
  • +4 Pull Punch
  • +3 Roll with Impact/fall/impact
  • +5 Strike (Hand to Hand/Melee)
  • +7 Strike (ranged w/ combat comp. and W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons) – penalties reduced by half as well minus 2 when firing bursts from the Gun Pod.


  • Radar: 100 miles/160km airborne, 30 miles/48km ground. tracks up to 96 targets. IFF comp w. 2000 known enemies
  • Combat comp: see MECT. Can now use UEEF and UEEF command computer bonuses, and access sensor data from Tirolian, UEEF, and UEDF sources.
  • Communications: radio 200 mile/320km
  • Night Vision: 1500ft/457.2m
  • Thermal Imaging: 1500ft/457.2m
  • IR Sensor: 1500ft/457.2m
  • Audio Pickup: 650ft/198m. foiled by 100+ decibels.
  • Spotlights: 800ft/244m
  • IR spotlight: 1200ft/366m
  • Tactical Camera: 180 minutes of footage.
  • Life Support: 48 hours. good vs 400 degree centigrade, immune to normal fire.
  • Stability Plates: requires robotic PS of 50 to dislodge from metal surface if active.

[Destroyed] Athanas's Bioroid

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