[Lost] Athena's M-10 Hovertruck


After the events at Hawthorne Army base, the group received an M-10 Hovertruck. This was given to Athena, as a long overdue replacement for her wagon which had been destroyed much earlier.

The Truck currently holds, in addition to Athena’s personal belongings and VR-041 Sabre Cyclone;

  • 2 tons of Armor plate patches (about 500mdc worth)
  • 200 MDC of Invid mecha armor segments.
  • 1 reinforced crate containing 47 Protoculture cans
  • 1 reinforced crate containing 2 ASC Emergency Survival packs, and 1 ASC tactical shield
  • 3 weeks dehydrated food rations.

[Lost] Athena's M-10 Hovertruck

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