Robotech: Getting the Goods

Aftereffects Part 1

Surgeon General's Warning...

The shock of Meshan’s new look was only just wearing off when something new happened. Since leaving the Pit, Athena had had some major itches on her head and tailbone, itches that just wouldn’t go away. While everyone was still chatting about everything that had happened the sensation worsened, but quickly changed to a moment of pain. Skin splitting open like a perforation, Athena suddenly sprouted cat ears and a tail (though her skin remained furless). Completely shocked by the sudden mutation, everyone was speechless for a while until Athena ceased panicking and cleaned off the blood.

Despite the craziness, the sleeping bags were soon calling, which ended up being a blessing for Sampson, Jack, and Athanas since they were feeling pretty miserable with a splitting earache, headache, and his own serious itching problem (respectively). While everyone slept, the Regess reached out to Meshan again, this time trying to use her transformation in the Genesis Pit as an example of all the bad things that would happen to her as long as she remained with the humans. Undeterred, Meshan again told off her mother and made it clear that she would never change her ways.

During the night, the aftereffects from the battle continued to take their toll on those involved, and the morning would soon reveal a great many surprises…



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