Robotech: Getting the Goods

Aftereffects Part 2

Do not operate heavy machinery while under the effects...

Morning came as it always does, and when everyone gathered together for breakfast they noticed that Athena and Meshan weren’t the only ones to have had some change. Athanas’s skin had mutated, taking on the appearance of newborn skin, though all of his old scars were gone. Sampson and Jack didn’t look any different, but Sampson quickly realized that he could hear much softer sounds and at much greater ranges, while the teenaged pilot could somehow sense how people were feeling. It was a bit disconcerting, especially for Knox, though the effect of strange things happening around her was starting to wear off.

Later in the morning, Dave (Bishop’s militia leader), Emily, and the town’s mayor arrived to discuss the plague and the Pit. Emily still wanted to do her Protoculture infusion, but the party had several ideas of their own: destroy the Pit by requisitioning heavy weapons from Hawthorne in the north, collapse the Pit’s cavern, or patrol the Pit’s area so that no one else comes into contact with it. The mayor saw the merits in each plan and decided to put it to a general vote. A lunchtime town meeting had everything explained to the populous, and a vote later in the day would select the method of ridding themselves of the plague and the Genesis Pit.

Waiting anxiously for the results, the party prepared their camp for departure in the morning. The only difference the vote really does for them is determining if they’ll be back in a few days. Just before dinnertime, the news came to the camp: the anti-viral medicine will be infused with Protoculture.

Who knows what the side effects will be…



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