Robotech: Getting the Goods

On the Road

Making the odometer scream for mercy

Back on the road, the group made very good time along the ancient I-15 highway, nothing appearing along the road for most of it. About 30 mins away from their destination though, Jack’s radar picked up a small group of signals at maximum range. Acting quickly, Knox had the entire group duck into cover and shut down while Meshan flew out to meet with them, with Jack flying cover outside of their detection range. Since it was a simple perimeter patrol, Meshan was quite successful in convincing them that she was alone and that nothing was wrong. Unfortunately, hearts started to pound when the patrol then turned and flew directly in Jack’s direction. Thinking fast, he dove and hid in some thick cover before powering down. With seconds to spare, the Invid looked around in vain before moving on, concluding that the Protoculture signal was a sensor echo.

The convoy reformed and continued south, and before long they crossed through the destroyed gates of Hill TASCB. The group spread out, looking for anything of use and finding quite a bit. An armory provided everyone with just about any weapon they could want and plenty of ammunition for them. The motor pool was especially rich, both a Spartas hovertank and Golem APR were sitting unmolested, ready for use. To Knox’s delight, the long drive to the base was well worth it: a Pegasus shuttle sat in a hanger, fueled but in need of some repair.

Without a word, Kidd jumped at the chance of fixing up the shuttle. Ceramic plates scavenged from the base fixed up the holes and degraded hull, and hours of tedious effort led to a reworking of the electrical systems, returning the ship to full working order. While he worked, Knox spent some time with Athena, having a bit of girl time after setting up Meshan and Athanas. Jack sacked out in his cockpit, and the others attended to various bits of business around the base.

As night fell, things were looking to work out quite well for the merry band of resistance fighters.



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