Robotech: Getting the Goods

On the Road at Last

The miles just melt away.

As the dust settles around the Robotech defenders they take survey the carnage. Keiran’s Condor is a total loss, both it and the Shocktrooper that has careened into it are scattered all over the landscape. Everyone else has some damage with Athanas having taken the worst of it, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Nina pulled herself out of her hiding place and everyone pitched in to get secured for the road again. Lt. Sampson took the opportunity to salvage some Invid hull armor so that he can patch up Meshan’s Overlord, but Athanas’ Bioroid will need much more extensive work.

Once everything is packed up the party hits the road again, heading north along the roadside. The mountains ended shortly revealing a wide plain to the east, but another mountain ridge soon blocked the view again. Nestled in the valley between two ridges the road was mostly flat, but the view above was quite nice. The drive was uneventful, no sign of any Invid or anything else that would cause the party to stop. They did take a break at an old reservoir though, the need to stretch and relieve themselves hitting hard.

In the past, the Haiwee Reservoirs were a source of water for nearby communities, created by collecting the water of an aqueduct system into a giant source. Sadly they were victims of the Rain of Death, the southern earthen dam taking a direct hit, the blast critically damaging the northern. Today the only sign of the reservoirs are the broken and eroded remains of the dams and the old watermarks. Their business completed, the Robotech rebels continued on.

About another hour later the group comes across another lake, this time totally intact. With night coming soon it was decided to stop here instead of pressing on, not wanting to approach the upcoming town in the dark. Knox’s lost the earlier bet and was the last to arrive so it was her duty to set up camp. While she worked the others grabbed a quick bite to eat (Meshan grossing Knox out when she opened up a Protoculture canister and started to drink it), then fell to the temptation the lake provided. Those who had suits changed before driving in, those who did not simply went nude.

Relaxing for the first time in days, the party bonds together in the cool water of Tinemaha Reservoir, but without their knowledge, they don’t pass unnoticed. Off in the distance an optical device looks down at them, watching and gauging…



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