Robotech: Getting the Goods


New skills, new jobs, new friends

Two months have past since the rescue from the Hive, and while a busy a period as usual, two months of training is much more restful than running around the wastelands with the Invid hot on your heels. The group’s training and integration with the Resistance started the morning after they decided to join, and was run under the veteran care of Taliya. Diminutive as she may be when micronized, she is one heck of a drill sergeant.

Once the initial shock of the ordeal at the Hive wore off, the civilian population settled into a typical refugee routine. Many just sat around the sleeping area while others tried to keep busy. Forticia wasted no time getting back to singing, but without the Barbiton her effects were noticeably weakened. For some reason though, when not busy with music she kept trying to shadow Jack….

About a week after the rescue, the final participants of the attack returned from the field: the 3 crewmembers of the modified Monster that provided the initial crippling distraction. The missile arms had been replaced with platforms loaded with the AA guns from Defenders and a pair of launchers from a Phalanx. An ungainly combination, but deadly against Invid swarms. Sadly, a direct attack on a Hive brought the aliens upon it much harder than usual, and the crew had to abandon it after running out of ammunition.

Around the same time, Elpedia’s withdrawl symptoms hit, and hit hard. She had been in the middle of a gardening lesson when the crippling aches and chills dropped her to the ground. Having never dealt with such a severe case of Flower addiction, the medics could only lessen the symptoms, but their care was tireless. It would take nearly two weeks for the effects to wear off, but after a recovery period Elpedia was back at work in the gardens, growing the food everyone needed to live (or at least make the old ration packs halfway palatable).

Approximately 3 weeks after the attack, scouts and radar sweeps determined that the Invid presence was back down to normal, or at least low enough that it was worth the risk of checking out the site of the Naxos/Canyon City. Using an ancient Cats Eye to travel anonymously, it takes about an hour to get there, and what’s left is beyond disappointing. Both ships had been holed and slagged and the towns around them cratered and ruined. Wreckage lies everywhere, and there’ve been clear signs of looting. Amazingly, Meshan’s Overlord is still there, toppled over and covered in sand and dirt, but in once piece. Jack even manages to find his VF-1R, the Blood Mary, crippled and buried under a collapsed wall, but mostly intact. Sadly, the others have no luck at all finding their old machines, either victims of the attack or looters, there’s no way to be sure.

Understandably upset at having lost their home, the civilians debate trying to resurrect the old towns, but the wasteland is no place to build a new city, not without the resources of two crashed ships. Instead, they decide to disperse throughout the area, moving into whatever towns are scattered throughout the area. Commander Niketas is concerned that they would give away the base by doing so, but since she can’t feed everyone she has little choice but to let them go. Some still stay though, joining the Resistance and training alongside the group.

In the end, things have turned out rather well. Freshly stocked with new machines and supplies and taught all sorts of new skills, the group is better prepared than ever to deal with the Invid, and maybe even start the long-awaited process of kicking them off of Earth for good. There’s even been talk of a salvage mission coming up, a ship had crashed about two weeks ago, and everyone’s waiting to hear from the survey team, bets running rampant about what the ship was carrying.



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