A stranger in a strange land


OCC: Legionnaire Centurion
Level: 3rd level
Gender: Male Race: Tirolian
Age: 29 (looks to be in his early 20’s. As a Tirolian, he ages more slowly due to a longer natural lifespan.)
Height: Short, 5ft 6in Weight: Skinny
Eye Color: Gold Hair Color: Black, wears it long.
Disposition: Tends to be a bit timid and a loner. he is most comfortable when he can act as a soldier, and despite having live on earth for over a decade, he still has not adapted to earth society.
Tirolian loyalty: Reluctant loyalty to earth. As a warrior, he is conditioned to respect strength and skill, which humanity has, but he also has pride in the old Tirolian Empire, which humanity ended the last vestiges of.
Special Aptitude: Sure Shot
Genesis Pit Mutation Bio-regeneration
IQ: 11 ME: 11 MA: 11 PS: 14
PP: 18 PE: 17 PB: 17 SPD: 27
SDC: 37
HP: 23
Regenerates 1D6 SDC or HP per minute, can regrow limbs in 2D4 days
Charm/Impress: 35%
Save vs. Coma/death +5%
Save vs. magic/poison +1

Hand to Hand Expert Lv4

  • 6 attacks per melee
  • +7 strike (melee)
  • +3 Strike (ranged) (penalties reduced by half)
  • +3 parry
  • +5 dodge
  • +2 roll with impact
  • +3 pull punch
  • +2 disarm
  • kick 1d8 sd
  • karate punch – penalties reduced by half as well
  • Kick Attack 1D8 SD
  • Karate Punch 2D4

Common Skills:

  • Computer Operation
  • Language: Tirolian
  • Literacy: Tirolian
  • Math: basic
  • Pilot Hover Vehicle

OCC Skills:

  • Climbing
  • Military Etiquette
  • NBC Warfare
  • Radio Basic
  • Running
  • Space Survival
  • Zero Gravity Combat
  • W.P. Energy pistol
  • W.P. Energy Rifle
  • W.P. Sword
  • W.P. Heavy Military Weapons
  • Hand to Hand Expert

MOS: Bioroid Pilot

  • Boarding Spaceships
  • Land Navigation
  • MECT: bioroid
  • Navigation: Space
  • Pilot Bioroid
  • Pilot Bioroid Hoversled
  • Sensory Equipment
  • Weapon Systems
  • Wilderness Survival
    W.P. Heavy Mega-damage Weapons

OCC related skills:

  • Language: English
  • Literacy: English
  • Prowl
  • Field Armorer
    • Basic Mechanics
  • History: Earth

Secondary skills:

  • First Aid
  • Lore: Invid
  • Lore: Robotech masters
  • Swimming

Resistance Skills

  • MECT Bioroid Interceptor
  • Pilot Veritechs
  • * Saber Specialty
  • MECT Cyclone: Saber

Personal Possessions (in the field)

  • Legionnaire Flight Suit
  • LP-10 laser pistol
  • LAR-10L Laser Sniper Rifle
  • 6 pistol energy magazines
  • 8 Rifle energy Magazines
  • CVR-3 Body armor
  • rucksack
  • MIECS combat webbing
  • emergency survival pack
    *civilian clothes (basically a set of exercise sweats and a set of T-shirt and jeans. underwear, gloves and hooded jacket.)
  • Tirolian Legionnaire Combat Uniform
  • Portable music player, and music discs (some Minmay and Eve Tokamatsu, misc others.)
  • half a dozen misc books (mostly military fiction.)
  • a few MRE’s.

mecha Bioroid Interceptor (repainted to carry his old Tirolian Legion unit markings)


Athanas was one of the last clone soldiers trained by the Robotech Masters in 2030. after a number of engagements in space, where he showed some skill, he was assigned to an assault on a Southern Cross base in Western North America for the final push. During that assault he witnessed the use of Tirolian civilians that had been drugged to the point of mindlessness, and employed in sacrificial human wave attacks to wear down the defenses. This wonton waste of Tirolian lives cause him to flee the battlefield, which ultimately saved him from death, but also would have marked him as a deserter had the Robotech masters not perished shortly after. Aware of the shame his actions would bring him in Tirolian society, and that he was a stranger in an enemy land, he hid. Although he had not intended it, his hiding spot was near a small community near the ruins of flagstaff, and eventually hunger drove him to sneaking around that community, looking for easily obtainable supplies. Eventually his prowling was discovered, and the head of the community took pity on him and gave him a place to stay. After the arrival of the Invid, his identity of as a Tirolian soldier became known, and after an initial period of distrust, things settled down. although Athanas was not particularly social, living on the outskirts of town and having few friends, he ended up as the town guardian. The community traded food to the local resistance, in return for assistance in maintaining Athanas’s Biroid and supplies of the compressed protoculture fuel it required to operate. In his (largely symbolic) role as a town guard, he built up a small stockpile of fuel for his mecha. Unfortunately, the town’s role in supporting the resistance was revealed in late 2040, and the local Invid Hive raided the town while Athanas was away with a party negotiating with a resistance cell. Many townsfolk were killed, and some captured, leaving only a few lucky enough to have been out of town that day. The surviving townsfolk felt betrayed by Athanas’s failure to protect the town, and Athanas was forced to leave. The destruction of the town had brought back memories of when he defected, and troubled by these he found himself wandering aimlessly for some time. eventually he headed north, having heard rumors of settlements there. mostly however he feels he can no longer merely hide, and that fighting the Invid will bring a degree of justice to the loss he suffered.

Athanas had made his way northward, following the rumors of an Invid protoculture farm. in Pocatello, he used his small supply of trade goods to barter some modifications to his mecha, to become less reliant on rare compressed protoculture fuel slugs. in the process, he became wrapped up with a UEEF recon mission. When the Invid Princess Meshan defected, he was initially skeptical. but as he was guarding her at Kidd’s workshop, he began to see her as something other than the insectoid menace he’d been trained to fight. he felt a connection to her, something deep. During the liberation of the nearby Protoculture farm, when Meshan helped the group save hundreds of people, he realized that she was something different, regardless of her ancestry. she had done much the same sort of thing he had in betraying her people. since then he’s started falling for Meshan.. helped along in part by Athena arranging things covertly towards that end.
During the expedition to the abandoned Genesis Pit, Athanas was exposed to odd radiation and material, causing him to mutate, gaining an ability to regenerate, but also altering his appearance to have very pale skin immune to tanning, and an unnaturally smoother skin texture.

Athanas has not had much success with mecha. The “green” security bioroid he was assigned during the war severed for many years, only to receive crippling damage shortly in battle shortly after leaving Edwards AFB. while it was eventually repaired with the assistance of the technicians at Hawthorne Army base, it finally succumbed to the accuracy and firepower of a 1st robotech war Ghost drone fighter above Hill TASC base’s secret research center. Using salvaged items fro mthe base, a replacement mecha was constructed for him, an ASC hovertank refit with a bioroid mental control system, but this mecha survived for less than one hour, being destroyed by mass fire from Invid soldiers during the Battle for Hill base. Athanas remained dispossesed for some time, even through the battle of the two cities and the hive escape that followed. after falling in with the local Resistance base, Athanas was given a UEEF Bioroid Interceptor to pilot, which he has customized with the markins of his old Legion, and trained to pilot an array of human vehicles. while the Saber cyclone was his primary goal, he learned to pilot nearly all Veritech mecha at a basic level, giving him a wide array of options in the future.


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