Hot Zentradi Ace


Name: Taliya
Rank: Lieutenant
Race: Zentradi
Sex: Female
Age: 22

IQ: 19
ME: 15
MA: 17
PS: 29
PP: 24
PE: 27
PB: 15
Spd: 38
Alignment: Principled

HP: 27
MDC: 120
Armor MDC: 7
Level: 9 Exp: 69961

Barter 77
Computer Operation 98
Language: Zentradi 98
Literacy: Zentradi 98
Mathematics: Basic 98

OCC: Zentradi Warrior Elite
Climbing 93/83
First Aid 98
Military Etiquette 98
Military Tactics 95
NBC Warfare 95
Radio: Basic 98
Space Survival 80
Zero Gravity Combat
WP Energy Pistol
WP Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Commando

OCC Related
Detect Ambush 85
WP Heavy MD Weapons
Body Building & Weight Lifting

MOS: Aerospace Combat Pilot
Aerospace Fighter 98
Boarding Spacecraft 90
Combat Flying
MECT: Quaedluun-Rau Powered Armor (FPA)
Mecha: Quaedluun-Rau Powered Armor (FPA) 98
Navigation 98
Navigation: Space 95
Sensory Equipment 90
Weapon Systems 98
Zero Gravity Combat


Language: Tirolian 79
WP Knife
Language: English 55
Trust/Intimidate (Armed Forces) 70
Charm/Impress 30
WP Paired Weapons

Mods Atk Init Melee Ranged Missile Parry Dodge Pull Punch Roll
Atr 2 1 7 9 2 9 9 3 2
HtoH 6 4 2 0 0 3 3 3a 5 6
Sub 8 5 9 9 2 12 12 3a 8 8
Mecha 5 3 3 3 3 4 2 5ag 7af 2 6
Total 13 8 12 12 5 16 14 8ag 7af 10 14

Disarm 7
Called Shot 2
Body Flip/Throw 3
Body Block/Tackle
Horror Factor +3
Backward Sweep Kick
Damage +16 melee (
2 all others)
Death Blow 18-20
Coma/Death +24
Poison +6

Queadluun-Rau Powered Armor (Female Power Armor)
Faceplate/Sensor Eye 60
Upper Arms 70/70
Forearm 150/150
Hands 35/35
Legs 100/100
Feet 75/75
Main Thrusters 120/120
Grenade Launchers 65/65
Rotary Particle Cannons 75/75
Missile Launchers 100/100/100/100

Three-Barreled 64mm Grenade Launchers (+2 strike)
200 4000 ft 2d8x10 (10ft rad)-10 round burst
4d8x10 (10ft rad)-both launchers on same target

Medium Particle Cannons
Inf 4000 ft 3d10-1 cannon
1d6x10-both cannons same target

103mm Mini-Missile Launchers
126 1mi 5d6 Volleys of 1,3,6,12

Hand to Hand Attacks Pilot Mecha
Roundhouse Kick 6d6
Axe Kick 4d8
Knee Strike 2d8
Leap Kick (2atk) 6d8
Karate Punch 4d4
Karate Kick 4d6
Jump Kick (2atk) 5d8
Punch 3d6
Power Punch (2atk) 1d6x10
Tear/Pry/Crush 6d6
Kick 3d8
Stomp 3d6
Body Block/Ram (2atk) 2d8/20mph-60% knockdown (lose init, -2atk)


Cloned by the Masters in one of the last batches ever made before they fled Tirol, Taliya was left behind with the other “defects”, something that was of considerable consternation for the woman since her defect didn’t affect her combat abilities at all. After all, since Zentradi are not expected to fight when micronized, what does it matter if she looks like a pubescent Tirolian girl? The need for combat was quickly sated though when the Regent invaded Tirol. Spearheading the local resistance, Taliya quickly proved herself an excellent Quaehluun-Rau pilot, earning dozens of kills by the time the UEEF arrived and drove off the Invid.

Like her friend Niketas, Taliya joined the UEEF and participated in the 1st Reclamation Force, and was one of the few survivors. While most survived crashes, Taliya had managed to avoid ambushes and safely landed her power armor on Earth. Finding Niketas alive was one of the happiest moments of her life, and the two worked in the shadows of the Resistance, nipping at the Invid’s heels. When the doomsday shelter was discovered it was hard to tell what made Taliya happier: the new base full of ammo and replacement parts, or the sizing chamber that would let her blend in with the rest of the human population when stealth was a concern.

Over the past few years Taliya has killed dozens of Invid and sympathizers, and with each kill her power armor gains a more intricate pattern, one for each type of craft she destroys. Becoming quite the work of art, her Queadluun-Rau still has much more room to fill….


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