Slender brunette with a quirky view on life


Name Tammie
OCC Pathfinder
Level 3
Experience 4050
Age 20
Sex Female
Race Human
Height 5’3”
Weight 120 lbs
Alignment Scrupulous

IQ 16 (2%)
ME 11
MA 23 (75%)
PS 15
PP 13
PE 16 (
1; +4%)
PB 19 (45%)
Spd 12

HP 22
SDC 54

Perception +3
Weather and Environmental penalties have only half effect

Coma/Death +4%
Drugs/Toxins (15) +1
Poison (non-lethal) (16) +1
Poison (lethal) (14) +1
Insanity (12) 0
Psionics (15) 0
Disease +3
Horror Factor 0
Mind Control 0
Possession 0
Pain 0

H to H
Attacks 4
Damage 0
Strike 0
Parry +2
Dodge +2
Pull Punch +3
Roll +3
Disarm +1
Init 0

Strike +2
Throw 0
Parry +2

Strike +1
Throw +2
Parry +2

w/Energy Pistol
Strike +2

w/Energy Rifle
Strike +1

Attacks 5
Damage +8
Strike +1
Parry +4
Dodge +2
Pull Punch +6
Roll +4
Disarm +3
Initiative +2
Auto Dodge +2

OCC Skills
Native Lang: English 98%
Native Literacy: English 98%
Basic Math 58%
Barter 50%
Detect Ambush 52%
Dowsing 52%
First Aid 62%
History: Earth
- General 57%
- Regional (N America) 52%
Land Navigation 56%
Prowl 49%
Pilot: Hovercycle & Vehicles 80%
Pilot: Motorcycle 80%
Pilot: Automobile 66%
Wilderness Survival 72%
WP Energy Rifle lvl 3
WP Energy Pistol lvl 3
WP Blunt lvl 3
H to H Basic lvl 3

Pathfinder OCC Related
Cook 57%
Pick Locks 47%
Intelligence 47%
Camouflage 42%
Appraise Goods 47%
Computer Operation 85%
Brewing 37%/42%
Streetwise 27%

Resistance Fighter OCC Related (per time skip)
Mecha: Pilot Ground Veritechs 67%
MECT: Cyclone
Salvage 47%

Research 52%
ID Plants & Fruits 32%
Preserve Food 32%

MOS First Responder
- Sense of Balance 42%
Biology 42%
Combat Driving
Field Surgery 26%
Paramedic 52%
Physical Labor
Read Sensory Equipment 42%
WP Knife lvl 3

Survival Knife 1D6+1 SDC (choice of hand weapon per time skip)

Wolf Pistol
2 clips

EP 40 4D6 MD
4 clip (110 rounds)

2 1/2 days food & water

VR-04H “Saber” Cyclone
CVR-3 Body Armor

UEEF Military Survival Pack


“Never know when you’ll have to leave town in a hurry.” Tammie’s father lived by those words, often disappearing into the wilderness for weeks at a time, frequently taking Tammie with him. But something always drew him back to Tammie’s mother, a doctor living in one of the few settled areas. Between her parents they drummed an education of sorts and a sense of ethics into Tammie’s head. A sense of ethics that always seems to lead her into trouble as she has difficulty saying no to those in need. Now separated from them, Tammie tries not to worry as she knows her father can take care of himself and her mother, if he can convince her to leave civilization.

Tammie is young and still finding her place in the world. She thought she had found it, drifting along the edges of the resistance, helping with trading supplies between people who didn’t ask questions and people who begged you not to ask with their eyes. She suspected their activities, she would help with their injuries from time to time, but she didn’t get involved too directly. However, one bad trade left her to be captured by the Invid and now she is involved far deeper than she ever imagined she would be. Where she goes from here is anyone’s guess.


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