Robotech: Getting the Goods

Crash and Burn

Are you afraid of the dark?

The time for a survey party to check in has come and gone, and Commander Niketas is concerned. Summoning the party for their first mission she tasks everyone to head east and find out what happened to them. Separating into two group, (ground and air), Knox leads everyone to the survey team’s target.

Only about an hour or two away, Meshan in her Beta and Jack with his VF-1 are the first ones to see their destination: scattered down the entire length of a canyon is a field of debris with the smashed remains of a Garfish-class cruiser half-burried in the mountainside. Investigating the canyon itself, Tammie uncovers the plowed remains of a ranch and Jack spots the survey team’s jeep, but there’s no sign of the team itself and no answer on the radio. Pulling up to the jeep, Knox decides to head into the wreck and everyone follows.

Splitting up to cover more ground, Meshan leads Athena down one corridor while Knox (more familiar with the layout than anyone else) leads Jack and Tammie to the computer core. Stumbling across sickbay, Meshan and Athena find the sickening results of an extreme-speed impact like what the Garfish encountered: splattered across the rear bulkhead is the gore that was once the ship’s crew mixed in with the shattered remains of any item that wasn’t bolted down. One item stands out though: a mechanical thing that while smashed beyond recognition, it does have some familiar lines. Meshan calls it in.

At the same time, Knox and her partners have made their way to the computer core and with some work have managed to power it up and patch in. The impact has done some serious damage to the computer though, so the data is pretty patchy. Luckily, she manages to get the final log up on her datapad just as Meshan calls in. Listening and reading the log at the same time, Knox reacts in horror. Piecing together Meshan’s findings, the log, and the noises they’ve been hearing every since they boarded, she orders everyone out, right now! Before anyone can move though, a shadow falls over the trio in the computer core and the hiss of gas descends from above. Knox and Tammie get their helmets on and sealed in time but Jack is too slow and gets a lungful, immediately bringing him to his knees. The shadow moves again, its owner dropping from above. Rising out of its crouch is the surviving Scrim Inorganic.

Grabbing Jack and hauling him behind them, Knox and Tammie race for their lives while Meshan and Athena head for the exit from their direction. Hearing the Inorganic gaining from behind, Knox sends Tammie ahead with Jack while she uses some well-placed shots to slow the machine down. Once outside Jack is thrown in the jeep and Tammie high-tails it out of there with Athena running escort while Meshan and Knox jump into their mechs (Beta and Super Cyclone respectively). Facing down the Scrim as it comes barreling out of the Garfish, the two Resistance fighters take chunks out it but it just won’t stop coming.

Coming over the ridgeline though, is Athanas. Having been called back early on thanks to a sudden emergency with Elpedia he’s finally joining his friends, and sees the Invid machine coming at them. Opening up with his Bioroid Interceptor’s vast weapon array, he turns the Scrim into scrap in an instant.

The crisis over, Jack is whisked off to base for medical treatment and Niketas herself brings a new salvage team to get anything of use off of the crashed Garfish. A few hours into it, Taliya radios from the warhead magazine with a level of excitement no one has seen from her outside of combat. Following Niketas in, the find the micronized Zentradi warrior practically bouncing with glee. Following everyone to a formerly locked-off section of the magazine, Knox isn’t the only one to react is surprise at what Taliya’s team had found.

Sitting on a specially reinforced rack are three reflex warheads.



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